Speech Analytics

Speech AnalyticsContact quality monitoring should be done by people, but with the assistance of all available tools, including speech recognition software.  Speech analytics tools can be a valuable part of your contact monitoring and can even reduce human monitoring.

If you record customer conversations, does the volume exceed your ability to effectively or efficiently review and analyze?  Speech-to-text, full transcription, direct phrase recognition, and phonetic processing can be deployed across all phone interactions in your customer cycle.

Business value

You can extract critical business intelligence that would otherwise be lost. You can analyze and categorize recorded customer phone conversations. You can mine and structure data to track, monitor, and react to customer sentiment.  Make it easy for your supervisors to spot changes in agent or customer behavior and take action to reduce call volumes and increase customer satisfaction.

Speech Analytics IdeasSpeech Analytics Ideas

  • Isolate typical customer questions
  • Identify upset customers and act to retain
  • Uncover up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Improve scripting / offer relevance
  • Identify customer types
  • Look for actionable insights at the point of customer interaction
  • Combine with workforce optimization suites and agent monitoring
  • Examine long-calls and unique handling
  • Note cost drivers and explore containment strategies
  • Get visibility into and measure specific  business operations
  • Automate trend analysis and measurement

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