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Call Center Compliance Monitoring ServiceContact center “compliance monitoring” is of particular concern in today’s regulation intense, litigation prone environment.   Customer contacts and service are critical compliance focus-points.

FTC, FCC, CFPB and other agencies’ rules have tightened marketing and sales activities.  Privacy statutes, federal and state, protect health, financial and other personal information.

Now, legal compliance isn’t just a collection center concern.

A simple misquote, failure to give proper disclosures, or misunderstanding a law or regulation can cost a company tens of thousands of dollars in fines and legal fees.

Contact Center Compliance Enforcement

Call centers must monitor and enforce compliance not only to protect customers but also the company.  This includes accepting do not call (DNC) requests, abiding by legal calling times, maintaining records, understanding two party notification state laws that  allow recording of calls only when all parties are notified, confirming that express written consent has been obtained for sales / marketing calls to cell phone numbers, etc.

Face it, poor customer service representative (CSR / agent) performance presents a risk.

Are you looking for assurance that your contact centers, internal and third-party, operate in full regulatory compliance and follow company’s policies?

Independent Contact Center Monitoring helps with:

  • Privacy / security protection
  • Legal Compliance
  • Policy adherence
  • Research / review for enforcement events
  • Monitoring of protected-class discussions
  • Discovery of fraud and abuse risk

We urge you to take regulatory compliance call center monitoring very serious. Reduce your exposure and risk to compliance violations by partnering with a firm that can help align your customer contact with the heavy demands of the law.

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