Call / Contact Center Mystery Shopping

Calls / Contact Center Mystery Shopping

Scenario based calls (mystery shops) increase training opportunities where traditional QA measures and call volumes do not allow.

Real-world customer interactions might not provide or permit opportunity to create, or recreate, a certain outcome or improvement sought. You might not even have access to the customer interaction data you would like to examine. So, have you thought about mystery shopping your customer call / contact center?

What’s currently hot or needs addressed?  What customer contact needs reproduced or refined?

Do you want to lay foundation for some roll-out, spot-check for legal compliance, refine reporting, or give your trainers time to train?

What are your call / contact center scenarios?

We’ll feign to be your customer for any objective, contact you at appropriate intervals, and provide helpful recordings, transcripts and scoring.

Cyber Mystery Shops

Contact Center Efficiency vs. Effectiveness

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