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Quality Monitoring, Improvement and Compliance

Call center monitoring and compliance frequently slip through the cracks! But, the oversight is critical.

There are easy, effective quality assurance tools and processes you can implement and continue.

  • What is at risk?
  • What are your models / standards?
  • Are trainers training or just listening to calls?

Call Center Operations / Managers have to figure out what’s possible, what things cost, and often must do so without experience, money, help, seat minimums, or prior metrics.

There is a lot to understand.Contact Monitoring / Compliance- Call Center Projects & Programs Help

  • Multiple channels of access?
  • SLAs, KPIs vs. reality?
  • Technology choices?
  • Compliance – TCPA, TSR, HIPAA, FCRA, FDCPA…
  • Quality monitoring, efficiency, and improvement?

Want help assessing call center needs?
Contact Monitoring / Compliance

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